The property in the top of Reñaca
beautiful, elegant and comfortable apartment











Price: UF 4.500 

Type: Apartment 

Number of Bedrooms: 3 

Location: Los Almendros, Reñaca, Viña del Mar 


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Nice Apartment / Condominium, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms-Viña del Mar (exclusive Reñaca

Building a new house with attached two departments is scheduled to begin in September 2014, with completion scheduled for later this year. One apartment is on sale, with options available during the construction period. 


The location of the new Department is located in Los Almendros, a very coveted area Reñaca sector Viña del Mar. 

Viña del Mar was recently named as the city with the best climate in the world EscapeArtist Chile. 


The apartment for sale is designated as "Dept 2" in the drawings, is two stories and therefore is in two different planes. 

It is indicated with 95.16 square meters in the legend of the plane. 

In front of the house from the street, you can see on the bottom right of the drawing (for reference, street level is identified by the dotted line). 

Looking at it up from the ocean, is located in the bottom left with large view windows of the living room and master bedroom visible in the drawings. 

The part with the "cellar" label is the storage area. It also highlights the parking area. Visitors may park on the street or at the roundabout end. 

In the ground floor to the ceiling is solid concrete construction, and shares a common wall with the bedroom or the office of the adjacent dwelling. 

The bedrooms and bathroom upstairs has a common wall with the master bedroom of the main house. 

  The small amount of land that goes with the department estimated the highlight. 

Photos of Plano 

Note: this is not exactly the final version of the plans, as there will be some very minor changes after re-approved engineer calculation. 

But they are similar enough now and September 2014, the final drawings and 3D images can be sent to you (and added to this page.) 


This price is very competitive for this exclusive area of Los Almendros Reñaca, especially considering the intimate setting of a house instead of a larger building, for the fact is, it is impossible to obstruct the view, high quality surrounding houses, and the advantage of having a home that is brand new without any wear or cracks, or aftermath of the earthquake. 

The lot is located safely about 136 meters or 450 feet above sea level (there is NO tsunami threat), and exactly 2 miles to the new supermarket Tottus Express or the many banks, restaurants, mail services, hairdressers and Reñaca stores, and 7 km from the Leader and Jumbo supermarkets and malls Concon. 

The area is booming with new buildings and roads, so a likely increase in property value is expected. 

The bus line 607 is just 300 meters away, making it easy for the maid to get to work, or for tenants or others to get to the store or to the beach. 

beautiful areas and malls in Vina del Mar (and close to the bus terminal in Santiago) and Valparaiso. 

These images were taken from the top of the assembly during the day, at sunset and dusk. 

The department shall provide parking and access from the street level where the photographs were taken and then the owner will walk down a flight of stairs to the entrance of the department. This means that the second floor of the house will be only slightly below street level.